The project began as a personal collection borne out of appreciation for skating, the exuberance of its' participants, and the collective free spirit that skaters embody. It became intriguing to see the fundamental changes in the equipment through the decades, as well as the changes in the design and marketing elements of the boards. As the collection as a whole evolved, and we began to meet the people who actually used the boards we were buying , it became obvious what had to be done. The story of this great piece of American adventure and ingenuity had to be told! After creating our vision and deciding to share it with others, we had to strategize a solution for reaching the most people; hence, a semi trailer to house the collection. With lots of advanced shipping options this will allow us to showcase this great collection anywhere in the world! 

The story of skateboarding is the story of America. It’s the tale of American manufacturers who made the boards, American kids who rode and tested them, and the American counter-culture that has developed in the last 60 years. This display is a glimpse of the skateboard experience beyond the coast of California, out into the Great Plains and across the majestic rolling mountains of America. The boards represented here, some acquired from the original owners; tell the story of the creation of an original All-American sport. The spirit of innovation and the drive to conquer new frontiers has led to a wildly popular activity while remaining true to its distinct, independent roots. The viewer will be able to see fundamental developments throughout the decades in the design and build of boards for each generation. We are not only displaying the manufactured boards but also have a display of homemade boards from the young and old do-it-yourselfers of the 1950's & 1960's. We hope you enjoy this roll down memory lane!

Mission & Vision

The North American Skateboard Express is a self-contained, mobile museum of early skateboard history spanning five decades, beginning in the 1950's. This moving trailer's interior has been converted into a dedicated museum quality space to showcase a curated collection of over 200 vintage skateboards and associated ephemera. This collection features some very early production boards, early handmade boards, and many other styles that trace the evolution of skating. Covering the improvements in: wheel technology, board design, manufacturers, and the various marketing strategies used to create the wild popularity that the activity has encountered. 

The NAS8X collection is housed inside of a 53' semi trailer allowing for maximum outreach nationwide. The NASK8X is a museum worthy collection which includes over 200 individual skateboards with many quality examples of truck and wheel innovations as well as posters, pads, helmets and clothing typical of the eras. 

The main feature of the project is an 8' x 14' American flag made with acrylic skateboards, backlit with LED lights and mounted on the outside of the semi trailer (see photos). This flag is an iconic representation of the freedom that skateboarding offers.

Our  Commitment

The History

The Setup